Journey@Yoder Staff Team

Teaching Pastor | Mark Horst
Mark and Kendra Horst live in Yoder with their two boys Evan and Lincoln. Mark is originally from western Pennsylvania and has a degree in youth ministry from Hesston College. Mark also works as a Solar Energy Contractor with his business King Solar. He is a NABCEP certified solar installation professional! Mark enjoys being outdoors. He grew up rock climbing and snowboarding in PA, but moving to KS caused his outdoor interests to shift! Fortunately, he is able to participate on annual out-of-state adventure trips to get his fix of the mountains! Mark felt called to ministry from a very young age. God has spoken to him in a variety of ways, even through a stranger at a church they were visiting! Mark joined the Yoder Pastoral Team in 2014. Being bi-vocational in the business world allows Mark to stay rooted in the community while helping lead the church forward.
Community Outreach Pastor | Philip Kauffman
Philip and Aimee Kauffman live in Haven along with their two kiddos Jordan and Nicky. Phil is originally from Belleville, PA. He works at King Solar in addition to his work at Journey. He has an Associates Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Hesston College. Phil and Aimee have felt called to be a part of community outreach, especially to the Haven Community. Phil enjoys running, biking, shark fishing and bow hunting!
Administrative Pastor | Judy Miller
Judy has lived in the Hutchinson area for over 20 years. She is married to Stanton, has a son Travis who is married to Ally, and 2 wonderful grandchildren Cora and Isaac! Judy has a degree in Nursing and in Health Care Administration. She worked for 30 years in Long Term Care Nursing Administration and she currently serves as a PEAK 2.0 Project Consultant with Kansas State University. All of this in addition to keeping things running smooth behind the scenes at Journey! She is excited that God has called her to use the leadership gifts at a church that is visionary, willing and obedient. Judy loves to live life to the fullest and sees life as an adventure. She especially loves to travel to beach destinations!
Custodian | Gertie Yoder
Gertie and her husband Willard live near Partridge. Gertie loves to serve the church in tons of ways but especially in hospitality, cleaning and meals! She also loves sewing and helps with the Mennonite Women Sewing. Aside from her custodial position, Gertie manages rentals and really enjoys working on her properties!
Assistant Custodian | Hal Yoder
Hal Yoder serves as the Assistant Custodian at the Yoder campus! Hal resides in a tiny house in Yoder, and loves to collect ancient artifacts!